Social Distancing in Nature

Have you seen the new challenge on Facebook to post a picture of the beach? The challenge is promoting positive pictures and news when we have been inundated with negative news.  Looking at your newsfeed flooded....continue reading

Bottlenose Dolphins: Fort Myers Beach

Bottlenose Dolphin: They call him Flipper Did you know that Orca whales are actually the largest dolphin species? Sciencing tells us “There are approximately 36 dolphin species known to humans today, found in fresh and....continue reading

Exoskeleton Delights

A day at the beach isn’t complete without looking for sea shells! Many of our guests have asked questions about shells and today I hope to answer them for you! What lives in shells? The....continue reading

How is the red tide and water conditions in Fort Myers 2019?

CHeck out this cool video of a massive feeding frenzy right next to our boat! IMG_2743   Oh the red tide struggle is so real. Growing up here for 43 years now, I am no....continue reading

Hybrid Herons and rare bird sightings in Southwest Florida

The sub-tropical environment of southwest Florida allows our plant and animal diversity to thrive. Fort Myers Beach is home to not only bottlenose dolphins, fish, and mangrove trees but we also boast a lot of....continue reading

How to gender a blue crab? It is so Crabtastic!

Blue Crab are a common crab found in our estuaries and near shore waters and we find them so crabtivating! They are a commercially important part of our seafood industry here at Fort Myers Beach....continue reading

Looking for something to do on Fort Myers Beach?

Fort Myers Beach Things To Do   Sand, sun, and warmth…. now what?   You’ve arrived in one of the most beautiful destinations in Florida, it’s time to take advantage of the beautiful landscapes, and....continue reading

Are manatees near Fort Myers Beach yet?

Manatee Migration: They’re On The Move!   Florida’s most famous gentle giant, the Florida Manatee, is on the move! Colder temperatures like those we experience in January and February on Fort Myers Beach bring these....continue reading

Estero Bay Keys

Estero Bay Islands   The collection of mangrove islands that dot the landscape of our area, also known as Estero Bay, are more than gnarled masses of roots. Each island within the Estero Bay habitat....continue reading