We Love Our Partners!

As nature enthusiasts, we take conservation and ethical business practices very seriously. It is very easy to guide a boat through the waters surrounding Fort Myers Beach, but it is our duty to do so....continue reading

January on Fort Myers Beach: ‘Tis The Season for Snowbirds

Image: Belted Kingfisher January ushers in more temperate days in southwest Florida, along with the excitement of the holiday season and the return of our snowbird friends – of the feathered variety. Every year starting....continue reading

A Year Of New Discoveries Comes To An End

Another year comes to an end! It was another great year for us on the water, especially when we were able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Estero Bay preserve last month. We would also....continue reading

Estero Bay celebrates its 50th year anniversary

Our beautiful backyard, Estero Bay is celebrating the big 5-0! Estero Bay was established in 1966 as Florida’s first aquatic preserve. In the 1960s, local fishermen noticed that the local fish population was in decline.....continue reading

Is The Fountain of Youth In SW FLorida?

This holiday season brings larger crowds looking to enjoy Fort Myers Beach’s beauty and natural landscapes. The spirit of the Holiday season begins to take over and what better way to get into the Spirit....continue reading

The Geology of Fort Myers Beach

We really love our subtropical island home here on Fort Myers Beach and hope that while you are our guest here that you enjoy it as well. The environment that surrounds us in Southwest Florida....continue reading

Good Time Charters Receives Awards, Recognition

IMAGE CREDIT: The Fort Myers Beach Bulletin All of us at Good Time Charters have had quite the summer and we are rested and looking forward to getting back at it! This past summer, we....continue reading

Fort Myers Beach: Then and Now

Fort Myers Beach has been a vacation destination that sun seekers and adventurers have flocked to for years. Though time has passed and things have changed since the early days of the beach, one thing....continue reading

Good Time Charters: Scavenging the Shore

As you walk down the shoreline of Fort Myers Beach or Sanibel, you may find a number of unidentifiable items amongst the shells and driftwood. We’re here to help you identify these strange looking creatures.....continue reading