A happy fishing client

Fort Myers Beach Fishing charter Nov 2023

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A happy fishing clientA recent client with her catch. I’d like to turn your attention to the powerful black drum, known for their brute strength and challenging fights. These bottom-dwelling giants (some over 90lbs!) can be found near structures like oyster beds or deep channels. These fish are often mistaken as sheepshead but there are subtle differences that set the two apart. Patience is key when targeting black drum, and using bait like crab or shrimp on the right rig can significantly increase your chances of success. These fish are excellent to eat as well. Just serve w some hot sauce, homemade tartar and a cold beer. Current regs for our area is 14 – 24 inches. We’ve been catching these fish around oyster beds and grass beds near Fort Myers Beach. One thing I love about salt water fishing Florida is the variety of species