Fort Myers Beach Fishing and Dolphin Cruises

              What a busy and fun season so far! A little cooler than what we are accustomed to but the wildlife has still been very active! Capt Mike has....continue reading

Fort Myers Beach Activities

                          It’s reaching 83 degrees here at Fort Myers Beach today folks. 83 degrees and it is January! You don’t hear me complaining,....continue reading

Dolphin Cruise Fort Myers Beach

                We won Best Illuminated award in the Bonita Springs holiday boat parade! What fun we all had during the parade and we even had dolphins swim alongside....continue reading

Fort Myers Beach Activities and Things to do

Fort Myers beach offers so many fun activities and things to do. We have been watching amazing sunsets, and seeing many dolphins at play. The manatees are leaving the cooler open waters for more sheltered....continue reading

Fort Myers Beach things to do and attractions

We saw a baby dolphin today on our morning coastal sealife dolphin and shelling cruise out of Fort Myers Beach! It still had fetal folds and all. What a sight for the passengers we had....continue reading

Fort Myers Beach dolphin and fishing charters

August is nearly over! Where does the time go? I guess the saying is right “Time flies when you are having rum!” or is it “…when you are having fun!”? Oh well, either way we....continue reading

Fort Myers Beach fishing charters and dolphin watching

  Fort Myers Beach fishing has been great!! Capt Mike has been catching red fish, flounder, trout, mackeral, and snook using live shrimp and pin fish. He’s been fishing the artificial reefs and nearby rock....continue reading

Fort Myers Beach dolphin cruise and fishing charter Southwest Florida

Well, today is so beautiful it is hard to think that just a couple days ago Tropical Storm Debbie was upon us. Until yesterday, we haven’t been out since Saturday morning due to all the....continue reading

Fort Myers beach activities

What a beautiful summer so far, Hot and Humid… I love it! Fortunately, I have plenty of that melanin stuff in my skin, I have more energy when it is hot out, AND my hair....continue reading