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We saw a baby dolphin today on our morning coastal sealife dolphin and shelling cruise out of Fort Myers Beach! It still had fetal folds and all. What a sight for the passengers we had on board. I made it out this morning on a tour as well and guided a Stand up Paddleboarding eco-tour. I had 2 wonderful young ladies hailing from Massachusetts out with me and we had a great time. It was their first time trying out the paddleboards and they picked it up right away as if they had done it a kagillion times! We encountered manatees while we were just getting launched so that was a cool treat and then we spotted more while we were out. While we were checking out the manatees, a dolphin swam right out in front of us and then we saw a couple more later in the trip. So much wildlife here.  All of our tour participants, on both the dolphin cruise and the paddling tour got to observe a pair of bald eagles too! Lots of birds out on the mud flats feeding today including roseate spoonbills, and a variety of egrets and herons. I was so glad to be out again on a tour this morning, and yakity-yakking away about the wildlife and the mangrove trees. I love to travel but I sure do enjoy coming home to all this! I just got back from NYC and a couple other places in New England. Yes y’all, I went to Manhattan. I’ve watched the Ghostbuster movies and some Sex and the City reruns so I knew my way around that big island pretty well. I must have blended in ok because I got asked for directions a couple times, and while I was trying to get a table at a restaurant someone thought I was the hostess. Ahhh, traveling is so interesting and engaging. Anyway, the fishing has still been great around here and Capt Mike is still getting a mixed bag of reds, snook, sea trout, and mackeral. Thank you to anyone that reads these posts. I hope it helps you learn a little bit about what we do and enjoy here at Good Time Charters. Have a great weekend! Cristina and the Good Time Family