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Happy customer out fishing with Capt Mike!

Cristina rescuing Frigate














It’s reaching 83 degrees here at Fort Myers Beach today folks. 83 degrees and it is January! You don’t hear me complaining, and all of our visitors are loving it too! We have been having a great new year so far!Lots of fun dolphin activity, the osprey are nesting, and the shelling has been terrific! Capt Mike has been reporting a great catch on his fishing charters and we have been getting great feedback from a lot of happy passengers. We had a recent successful bird rescue also, and fortunately we were around to assist. If you have been out with me you know that I love the Magnificent Frigate and I always point them out and talk about how awesome I think they are and how big they are. But when they are soaring up high they don’t look as big as I am describing. Well, this one morning while out on a tour we spotted a Frigate struggling in the water, they do not swim and can drown, so I waded over to it to help it out.  He must have swooped in for a fish snack and misjudged and landed to far into the water. As I scooped him up carefully to protect myself, the bird collapsed in my arms, as they usually do. I am not sure if they just give up on life thinking they have been captured, if it is just exhaustion, if I am always so calm when rescuing wildlife that I have a calming effect, or probably a combination of all that. As we have done in the past, I put him on the bow of the boat to let him rest and dry out his wings. After a few minutes he flew away as if nothing happened. My passengers and I were thrilled to see this! Fortunately, one of my passengers that morning took pics of this event and they show the wing span of these cool birds. This bird was about as big as me!  Thank you Emily for sending me the photos! Well folks, we are gearing up for a really busy season here on Fort Myers Beach and hope you will join us on our excursions. Thank you for taking the time to read! XOXO- Cristina

Rescued Frigate resting on our boat