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What a busy and fun season so far! A little cooler than what we are accustomed to but the wildlife has still been very active! Capt Mike has been reporting a great bite in the bay around the mangrove islands and also in the passes. He has had a lot of return customers from last year and also made some new return customers for next year. Our other Captains have been observing lots of bird nesting activity and the pelicans are showing off their nesting plumage now too! If you havent seen a baby pelican before you are missing one cute chic with a face only a mother could love! Cristina has also had the opportunity to volunteer with the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve bird monitors and their studies. Check it out here and see what the purpose of the study is Bird Rookery Studies We have been finding lots of cool sealife on our morning cruise and seeing many dolphins too! We have also been spotting manatees nearly everyday. Outside of our tours, some of crew members have been busy with their new furry animal friends. Capt Gale adopted a small chihuahua named Vanna, Marlowe our Everglades guide adopted a feline named Rufus, and Cristina and Mike adopted a Bulldog named Daisy. All shelter animals and they are doing great! Gosh we sure love animals! Well I could go on all day about what all we have been up to but you all just need to join us for a fun excursion and see for yourselves! Hope to see y’all soon!