Fort Myers Beach fishing charters and dolphin watching

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Fort Myers Beach fishing has been great!! Capt Mike has been catching red fish, flounder, trout, mackeral, and snook using live shrimp and pin fish. He’s been fishing the artificial reefs and nearby rock ledges a couple miles out on the really calm days, and also fishing the backwaters for trout and snapper. We have had a lot of new customers this summer out with us on these charters so hopefully they will become regulars like our many returns we get in the dry season. The dolphins have been very active, and we saw a pod yesterday with 2 really small calves while out on our Coastal Sealife dolphin and shell cruise! This is very exciting for us and one of the calves was so young it still had its fetal fold markings. I am not sure who was more excited over this whole encounter, me or my passengers. We also were fortunate enough to spot a few manatees moving into their feeding grounds. Man, for being so big they sure do fit into some skinny waters! Good thing we have a small boat so we can view them from a safe distance to not disturb them and not run aground at the same time! Woohoo! It’s hard to look cool pushing your boat off the bottom. We have been lucky with the rain patterns and it seems to a more typical year then what we have experienced the past 3 years. We have also been spotting roseate spoonbills feeding at low tide. Gosh, they sure are pretty! Well folks, we have been super busy this summer and we want to thank everyone of our past guests for their business, and if you haven’t been out with us yet we hope to see you soon! – Cristina and the Good Time Crew