We love finding Sand Dollars and other sea shells in Fort Myers Beach and nearby islands

When out on our Coastal Sealife, Shelling and Dolphin Cruise, our guests often find sand dollars and other beautiful shells washed up on or near the shore. Sand dollars are a species of extremely flattened,....continue reading

Kids of all ages enjoy a stop at a shell island near Fort Myers beach while on a dolphin cruise!

We never know what we are going to see while at the shell island on our 3 hr Coastal Sealife Dolphin and Shelling cruise! Check out this huge shell that our marine biologist Capt Cristina....continue reading

Fort Myers Beach Sunsets

The manatees are back! We have been seeing more and more manatees around and they have been in our marina almost every morning lately. These gentle giants are herbivores and love to snack on sea....continue reading

Fort Myers Beach Fishing and Dolphin Charters

Can you Boogie like a Batfish? Sure you can! Despite the pretty red lips these Batfish are some the strangest looking fish in our bay! With the broad head region they sure look funny when....continue reading

Fort Myers Beach Dolphin cruises and Fishing charters

  A face only a mother could love, or in the case of the toadfish (also called oyster cracker) only a father could love. The male toadfish makes a grunting sound by vibrating his swimbladder....continue reading

Fort Myers Beach Things to Do and Activities

Can you do a headstand? I can’t either. But recently we have met a lot of folks that can…on a paddleboard! If you don’t know what that is, it is basically a board that floats.....continue reading

Fort Myers Beach Activities

  We have been having such a great summer so far, I am not even sure where to begin! June is nearly over and we were busier than ever! Thank you to everyone that has....continue reading