Fort Myers Beach Fishing and Dolphin Charters

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batfish www.goodtimecharters.combatfish www.goodtimecharters.comCan you Boogie like a Batfish? Sure you can! Despite the pretty red lips these Batfish are some the strangest looking fish in our bay! With the broad head region they sure look funny when they swim. Their entire front end shakes side to side like a funny dance. Though these fish prefer not to swim around a whole lot, too much work you see, especially since they clearly are not designed for speed. They prefer to sit on the sea floor bottom, maybe use those bottom fins to “walk” around, and wait for something tasty to eat to swim close by. They are pretty sneaky with that great camouflage to blend in. It may seem they lack a dorsal fin but actually it is modified, moveable, and small so they can use it to lure shrimp, crab and other fare. Two new species of batfish were discovered in the Gulf of Mexico as recently as 2010! We recently had this Batfish in our aquarium at Snook Bight marina for a few days to show off before letting him return back to the bay. Stop in and see us and our aquarium! We always have something new in the tank and love to show off our fish friends! Our Dolphin tours around Fort myers Beach have been so fun! Lots of dolphin and still some manatees around as well. Capt Mike is sooo busy with fishing charters and if you haven’t booked with him yet for the holidays you might miss out. We are so thankful for all of our regulars and repeat guests!! We always try harder to make your revisit better than your 1st! Give us a call or better yet stop by and see us and our displays!