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Can you do a headstand? I can’t either. But recently we have met a lot of folks that can…on a paddleboard! If you don’t know what that is, it is basically a board that floats. Now I have been practicing yoga my entire life and apply it to lots of everyday situations that I encounter. But the headstand has always been difficult for me, now crow, full wheel, wild thing etc., no problem, even on a paddleboard. Oh well, I guess that gives me yet another goal. I attached a pic of one young man who was out on a recent tour with me and had never been on a paddleboard before. He did a headstand as if it was no big deal. Now don’t worry folks, we don’t make you do headstands on our tours, we just think it is really cool if you can! Capt Mike has been busy with fishing as usual. I attached a photo of a long time regular, Mrs Turken, with a beautiful red fish that she caught in Estero Bay Fort Myers Beach. The dolphins and manatees have been regular encounters on all our tours this summer around Fort Myers Beach! We never tire of seeing the wildlife here. We are so lucky to be in such a beautiful area!