Kids of all ages enjoy a stop at a shell island near Fort Myers beach while on a dolphin cruise!

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We never know what we are going to see while at the shell island on our 3 hr Coastal Sealife Dolphin and Shelling cruise! Check out this huge shell that our marine biologist Capt Cristina found near the shore line during a recent cruise. When she picked it up to show all the passengers that were walking the beach with her they all got a funny surprise when a huge hermit crab came out to say hello! Cristina explains that hermit crab, unlike true crab such as stone or blue, lack a hard shell on their “belly” side and so they like to inhabit empty shells they find for protective housing. As the crab grow they need to upgrade and find bigger shells. Well this guy found the mansion of shells, an empty Horse conch shell, and has some wiggle room before he needs to move out. She also explains the importance of empty shells like these near our shorelines  not only for hermit crab to use, but juvenile fish also use them as hiding places. Join us for the cruise and learn more about shells and where they come from! Read more about this cruise here: Dolphin and Shelling