We are more than just a beautiful beach here in Fort Myers Beach

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The Mystical Habitats of SWFL


Here at Good Time Charters, we have a blast taking folks out and about on our Dolphin, Wildlife and Sea Shells tours, Paddleboard and Kayaking adventures, and our half day “reelin’ in the big ones” fishing charters. We count ourselves lucky to be able to work and play in southwest Florida, where we experience something new every day ~ and you can, too! Come take a day with us, let’s see what awaits in the myriad of habitats that encompass our great waterways.


There are many important habitats along our coasts and just offshore. Salt marshes and mangrove forests dot the shorelines as home to numerous species, many of which are endangered. Their soil is very small and easily washed away by the ocean water, which is why you’ll find barrier islands with ocean on the outer side and estuaries on the inside.


The seagrass meadows give a safe haven for baby fish as they guard them against larger predators. Near the Florida Keys the Coral reefs ~ the rainforests of the sea ~ are very popular and therefore always at risk of depletion and destruction. For this reason, the Coral Reef Conservation Program exists.


Estuaries serve as an essential sanctuary to many species. Estuaries develop where saltwater and freshwater come together, Oyster beds, mangroves and seagrass meadows can easily coexist within the same estuary. Estuaries also function as nurseries ~ which gives them the well earned nickname of “The Cradle of the Oceans”.


When you are in Southwest Florida next, plan to take in the remarkable wonder, beauty and mysteries of these treasured habitats with us ~ We know it will be an experience of a lifetime.