Stand up Paddleboarding is a popular water sport most physical levels can enjoy around Fort Myers Beach!

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History of Stand up Paddle Boarding


At Good Time Charters, we offer fantastic stand up paddleboarding opportunities, ranging from a relaxing tour of our local islands for sun and fun, to the educational eco-tour, and finally our highly popular paddleboard yoga!


Within the last decade, stand up paddleboarding has exploded onto the water sports scene, but in reality, similar activities have existed for thousands of years. Where did our modern day fascination with this incredible sporting activity come from? The answer to this question varies depending with whom you are talking to. Ancient cultures from Africa to South America used to stand up in their narrow canoes and paddle through rivers and lake basins. Three thousand years ago, Peruvian fisherman used a small shallow boat made from reeds for transportation and hunting. This vessel was to be straddled like a horse and maneuvered using a long paddle to swiftly traverse long distances. After their long day of work and hunting, these fisherman would ride the waves for fun.


Our modern surfing tradition has Polynesian roots out of Hawaii. As Captain Cook sailed into the bays of islands, he was the first to witness surfing by the natives.  Called ”‘He’e nalu”, boats or specially carved boards from the Koa tree were used to surf. These vessels were up to 5 meters long, thus requiring a long paddle to navigate with. Modern stand up paddling originates out of Hawaii quite recently. Surf teachers in the 1940’s would get a better look at students by standing on their boards and using the long paddles to steer them to where they were needed.


Around the world there are other examples of the development of the principles of the sport.  Wherever the roots, one thing that we do know is that stand up paddling is as popular as ever and remains a fantastic workout and a fun activity that the entire family will love. Join us for some paddleboarding action: Click here or call us today at: 239- 218-8014.