What is Stand up Paddleboarding and why should you try it?

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Good Time Charters: 3 Reasons Why You Should Go Paddle Boarding

A paddleboard is basically a board that you stand on and paddle yourself around. There are many different styles of boards designed for different types of paddling. Whether you want to take your board in surf, do yoga poses, or just tour around.

In the past few years, stand up paddle boarding has taken over the watersport world. Beginning as an alternative to surfing when waves were not suitable for riding, this relatively easy activity has spread like wildfire. The ease in which one can hop on a board as well as the benefits to your health and body make us question—why haven’t you gone paddle boarding yet?


  1. Most able-bodied people can stand up and balance on a paddleboard very easily and quickly. Paddling does not take much skill other than basic balance and a little bit of arm strength and agility. If you are looking to try something new and get out on the water at the same time, paddle boarding is a perfect fit for most people.
  2. With enough paddle boarding, you will notice physical improvements as well as many over all health benefits. In time cardiovascular and muscular strength will improve. This is not a fast paced sport, and it is generally very low-impact. Glide leisurely over the water while enjoying the ocean breeze and even look around for wildlife—all while you’re exercising!
  3. Paddle boarding has been proven to relieve stress. Stress is known to affect the human body in negative ways. Center yourself on your board, start padding and let the rhythms of the strokes ease your mind. Believe it or not, some individuals choose to practice yoga on their boards (like us)!


Good Time Charters offers 2 different paddle boarding tours out of Fort Myers Beach, so if you’re considering paddle boarding with us, you’re sure to find a tour that suits you!


So what do you think? Whether you’d like to try something new during your vacation to Fort Myers Beach or hop on a board in your neighborhood, your mind and body will reap all of the fantastic benefits paddle boarding affords to those who try!