What are some fun family activities to do in Fort Myers Beach

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Looking for Great Kid Adventures?


Fort Myers Beach is the perfect jumping off point for your vacation adventure or, if you live locally, we are perfectly situated to getting you out on the water for an adventure that you and your family will remember a lifetime!


The local waters are perfect for cruising across the waves of the Gulf of Mexico and her back bays. It is a great opportunity to gather your kids, the neighbor’s kids and any loose cousins out there and book one of our great cruises, tours, or charters to get them out away from their electronics and games and into the sunshine. Take a look at our great selection of tours and charter options for the one that suits your family best. Our Marine Life Safari is a great option for keeping the younger set involved and interested, mix in a dolphin sighting and you have a great outing.


Are your kids over 12 years old? Bring them in for a fun and very active Eco Kayak Tour. We take out groups to explore our natural world in a quiet and fun kayak experience in our calm shallow waters where you will meet up with a multitude of birdlife, manatees, dolphin, rays. Our trained guides will bring you and guarantee a truly fun experience, but with a lot of learning snuck in!


How about a fishing charter? Why bother with all the fuss, book and let us take care of all the provisions, equipment and planning. You and your kids will truly enjoy our captains who work well with all ages and skill levels so whatever the experience or lack of it we will be able to create an interesting, and more importantly, a fun adventure on the water.


So pack up the kids and come on out to see us before school starts back up again!