We Love Our Partners!

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As nature enthusiasts, we take conservation and ethical business practices very seriously. It is very easy to guide a boat through the waters surrounding Fort Myers Beach, but it is our duty to do so in a manner that does not disrupt or disturb the natural environment and all the creatures that call this area home. We aim for all our guests and adventurers to enjoy their tour or charter and create memories that will last forever, and we also aim to educate everyone who joins us on the water so we can work together to make sure we can keep our area healthy and enjoyable for years to come.

For this reason, Good Time Charters is affiliated with several local groups and organizations that also support this goal! Learn more about our wonderful partners below!

The American Canoe Assn. (ACA): Founded in 1880, The ACA is a national nonprofit organization serving the broader paddling public by providing education related to all aspects of paddling; stewardship support to help protect paddling environments; and sanctioning of programs and events to promote paddlesport competition, exploration and recreation. www.americancanoe.org

Estero Bay Buddies (EBB): The EBB is a non-profit Citizen Support Organization for the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve and the Estero Bay Preserve State Park. The mission of the EBB is to support the further protection, conservation, restoration, management, and the enhancement of the natural and cultural resources of the coastal and aquatic ecosystems of the Estero Bay estuary and watershed for the enjoyment and appreciation of current and future generations. www.esterobaybuddies.org

Society for Ethical Ecotourism in Florida (Florida SEE): Florida SEE is dedicated to maintaining a professional code of ecotourism ethics in order to encourage an awareness and stewardship of Florida’s natural and cultural heritage by Endorsing compliance with federal, state, and local laws regarding the protection of natural resources and customer safety; providing environmental education and awareness which encourage behaviors that contribute to the sustainability of Florida’s natural ecosystems and resources, promoting professionalism and integrity within the ecotourism industry by providing and maintaining a certification/recognition program for ecotour providers. Florida SEE is recognized as the leading authority on authentic ecotourism in Florida! www.floridasee.org