Visitors and locals all enjoy seeing wild dolphins around Fort Myers beach

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Good Time Charters: Better than a marine theme park

If you’re looking for an authentic, wild and up-close animal encounter, you’ve come to the right place. Many choose to head to theme parks or zoos to get closer to nature, but believe us when we say we think our encounters are the best!

Hop aboard our Coastal Sea life, Shelling and Dolphin cruise or a Private Marine Life Safari and experience nature the way it ought to be– in the ocean, not in a fish tank.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding marine life theme parks and the quality of life their animal “performers” experience. While we respect efforts by marine theme parks to educate the public, we feel that viewing marine life in the wild is so much more accessible and affordable than it used to be. It really is more educational and rewarding to view these creatures behaving naturally. On our tours, we do all we can to preserve the natural environment that our creatures live in.

It is thought that animals in confinement in marine theme parks, especially mammals, suffer when in captivity. These highly intelligent creatures do not live as long, or may suffer from depression. No need to worry about contributing to organizations that promote the practice of confinement on our tours.

Watch southwest Florida’s bottlenose dolphin leap freely through the bay, view flocks of birds roosting happily in the palms and pines and watch hermit crabs scuttle cheerfully across the sand.  Look for manatee floating by,

Enjoy all that Florida has to offer from the deck of our catamaran, guilt free. We can guarantee that you will see dolphins on our 3 hour cruises, and many other forms of sea life all the while relaxing in one of the most beautiful parts of Florida. As a large supporter of environmental efforts and the surrounding community, we pride ourselves on good practices as well as providing amazing experiences for all of our guests.

Skip the lines at the theme park, avoid the fishbowl-like atmosphere and come experience the real Florida. Come on down to Fort Myers Beach and hop aboard, you’ll have a good time!