The Geology of Fort Myers Beach

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We really love our subtropical island home here on Fort Myers Beach and hope that while you are our guest here that you enjoy it as well. The environment that surrounds us in Southwest Florida is awe inspiriting, which is why we have dedicated our lives and business to conservation and education with a whole lot of FUN so that you too will be a part of our Good Time Family!

When you look out to the Gulf of Mexico, it’s hard to imagine the waters being anything but shallow, calm and beautiful. The glimmering Gulf water provides us with numerous opportunities for recreation as is also the home to thousands of species of marine life, ranging from the smallest jellyfish to the largest whale shark. Though presently the Gulf is one of the most desirable locations to relax, fish, boat and swim, this unique body of water has not always existed in the state that is does today…. In fact, it was very different.

The Florida peninsula is a plateau of limestone that lies on top of a bedrock feature known as the Florida Platform. This was created during the Eocene era which was a time the Gulf basin was filling with silts, clays and sand. Life came to the area during the Miocene era but there were no animals present before this, just plant life. Through the millions of years as ocean levels rose and fell the state took shape only after the supercontinent of Pangea broke apart, a portion of the African plate broke off and this is actually part of the foundation of present day Florida. What emerged as present day Florida was created during the Eocene to the Oligocene eras.

Present day Florida is characterized by extended systems of underwater caves, sinkholes and springs that supply most of the water used by residents and visitors. The limestone plateau that remains is topped with sandy soils, the only remains of ancient beaches. Yes, even Florida went through a glacial period. It was during this time that the lower sea levels and a drier climate produced a wide peninsula.

Looking ahead, sea level rise will likely be the reason for more geological changes in Florida. As sea levels rise, our beaches and peninsula as a whole will shrink and become part of the ocean. Therefore, at Good Time Charters we preach education and conservation. Without taking care of our Earth, we do not have anything– especially in Florida.