Stand up paddleboard yoga Fort Myers Beach is great for any level

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SUP: A Flexible and Fun Way To Relax and Realign


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One of our most unique tours is our stand up paddleboard tour (SUP), perfect for those who are just starting to learn yoga or those who have been doing it for years. There is nothing more relaxing than being atop the water restoring your inner flow, improving your balance, flexibility and awareness, all while surrounded by the natural beauty of Fort Myers Beach.


There are a number of health benefits SUP yoga provides:


–       SUP Yoga makes you not only focus on posturing, but it also forces you to focus on transitioning from one posture to the next.

–       The unstable surface makes SUP yoga a very effective when working on your balance.

–       SUP yoga can liven up and reinvigorate you home or studio practice.

–       The core workout that SUP yoga provides is easier on your joints than most other forms of exercise.

–       The sound of the water brings yogi’s to a very peaceful state of relaxation.


The top 10 yoga poses we encourage you to try during your SUP yoga session includes:


–       Downdog

–       Chair Pose

–     Crescent Lunge

–       Warrior 2

–       Boat Pose

–       Malasana

–   Crow variations

–       Headstand

–       Thread the Needle

–       Full Wheel

–       Savasana


We always encourage you to play and try different poses, have fun, laugh, and step out of your comfort zone.


Reserve your spot at our next SUP yoga class right here, or call (239) 218-8014