It’s a Great Time to take a Florida Eco Tour!

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If you’re unfamiliar with the term “eco tour,” allow us to introduce you to our world!

An eco-tour is defined as “a vacation tour or package that showcases ecology (wildlife, etc.) or is ecologically friendly.” At Good Time Charters, it is our passion to introduce visitors and locals to the wildlife and natural areas that make Southwest Florida so very unique in an environmentally safe and exciting way.

Wintertime is when most of our local animals are active, including a large number of migratory birds. There’s no better time to cruise across Estero Bay, check out some wildlife, enjoy the beautiful weather AND do it all in an eco-friendly manner!

Why you should take an eco tour? Let us explain….

#1 Environmental Standards & Safety

At Good Time Charters, we always obey all environmental standards to ensure that our area remains safe and clean for the entire Fort Myers Beach ecosystem. As nature enthusiasts, we take conservation and ethical business practices very seriously. It is very easy to guide a boat through the waters surrounding Fort Myers Beach, but it is our duty to do so in a manner that does not disrupt or disturb the natural environment and all of the creatures that call this area home. We are also strong supporters of other local environmentalist groups such as The Conservancy of South West Florida, Estero Bay Buddies (EBB) and Society for Ethical Ecotourism in Florida (Florida SEE)

# 2 Professional Guides

All of our tour guides, captains and staff members are highly qualified employees that always place safety first! Our team is composed of Florida Master Naturalists, native Floridians, college educated biologists, a retired Department of Natural Resources ranger and more! All are highly qualified and in our opinion, a lot of fun! No need to “hope” you’ll get a great guide, you’re guaranteed a professional guide each and every time you take our tours or join us on a charter.

Read all of our staff’s individual biographies here.

#3 Most Highly Rated Eco Tour

We are proud to be rated #1 out of 67 tours on Fort Myers Beach. With over 1,000 reviews and multiple Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence. We are extremely proud of our track record and of course, even more so, that our guests provide such great feedback after they’ve spent some time with us! Don’t settle for anything less than a tour with the best.

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