Is there buried treasure near Fort Myers Beach?

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Shipwrecked in Fort Myers Beach


No one can deny the romanticism and mysticism behind sunken ships and buried treasures. From popular hollywood films to classic novels and fairy tales, the allure of under-the-sea discoveries is one that many can relate to.


The area of Southwest Florida in which we operate is not a hotspot for “shipwrecks” and we have few fantastical pirate stories, but we do have our fair share of interesting tales from beneath the waves underneath your charter. There are a few interesting finds located in the waters that surround Fort Myers Beach.


1919: The Bayronto

Torpedoed by a German U-boat in July 1918, this 400’ freighter eventually fell beneath the surface of the Gulf one year later when a hurricane struck the area.


1942: The Baja California

This 265′ freighter was en route to Guatemala in July of 1942 when a German U-boat put two torpedoes through her hull. The ship sank in 115′ of water between Fort Myers and the Florida Keys.


In total, there are approximately 30 shipwrecks lining the gulf coast of west florida.


Did you know all shipwrecks in Florida waters are protected under the Florida Historical Resources Act, which protects marine archaeological sites on state-owned or controlled lands and submerged bottomlands from unauthorized disturbance, excavation, or removal of artifacts.


Learn a little more about locally found “treasure” from the Naples Herald, keep an eye out, you never know what you’ll see or find!