Hurricane Season in Florida

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Hurricane Season


As we enter into the Summer Months here in Fort Myers Beach, we are also entering into Hurricane Season.


Hurricane Season refers to a period of months (June 1- November 30) in which the waters in the Atlantic Ocean heat to their warmest temperatures and can spawn large-scale tropical weather disturbances.


Hurricanes are specifically classified as “rapidly rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center, strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain.”


Though the thought of a Hurricane might be frightening, please note that with proper preparation for a storm, Hurricanes do not need to be something to be afraid of. Also, South Florida has not experienced a major hurricane for over 10 years!


Now, one may ask, what do animals do to prepare for an oncoming hurricane? Sharks are known to sense a drop in barometric pressure and flee the area. Birds and land mammals will seek shelter once the storm arrives.


In the aftermath following a Hurricane, some populations of fish species or bird species may suffer,  but a landscape now changed by the high winds of a Hurricane may also provide new opportunities for growth both plant and animal life.


It is also said that Hurricanes may be responsible for allowing species to colonize territory other than their native lands. Green Iguanas have been recorded to float across expansive bodies of water, such as the Caribbean Sea, on piles of branch debris.


At Good Time Charters, we are always monitoring weather patterns and of course, keeping up with the Tropics. We respect the forces of nature and always are prepared for any weather that may affect tours.


Learn more about these powerful weather systems on our tours, we are more than happy to educate you!