Fort Myers Beach: Then and Now

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Fort Myers Beach has been a vacation destination that sun seekers and adventurers have flocked to for years. Though time has passed and things have changed since the early days of the beach, one thing does not change— the natural beauty and bounty of our Island and her surrounding waters.

As far back as 1900, Fort Myers Beach was already a popular boating area; take it from some of our area’s earliest settlers, the Koreshan’s!

Much like today, families flocked to our white sands for an afternoon picnic. Can you imagine wearing this clothing during your Fort Myers Beach picnic (1920)? Swimming has always been irresistible in our warm gulf waters, just ask these kids (1955)!

The shrimping industry has always been a major economic force on Fort Myers Beach, just look at these Shrimping Boats floating in a local marina in 1961.

And as you may already know, fishing in Fort Myers Beach has always been a desirable location for anglers to cast out a line, even in 1969! Check out this snook that was caught in 1950, wow!

You know we LOVE checking out the local wildlife, but we sure aren’t the first! This 1980s child sure seems interested in a flock of seagulls, and traveling back to 1972 you’ll see these women also can’t get enough! Even further back in 1956, a few members of the Koreshan’s seem less than thrilled with a flock of seagulls!

Like the tides, Fort Myers Beach and the memories made on the island come and go, but there are things that will always remain. Locals and visitors will always enjoy her natural beauty, long walks on the pier (1949), playing in sand (1978) and exploring her waters.

Something that will most likely not come back– cars parking on the beach!