Birding is fantastic around Fort Myers Beach

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Fort Myers Beach Roseate Spoonbill


Fort Myers Beach is home to hundreds of bird species, many of which you will get to see during your Fort Myers Beach tour! From pelicans to herons, you will get the chance to see our native bird populations in their true environments during any one of our tours.


One of the more recognizable bird species on Fort Myers Beach and the surrounding area is the Roseate Spoonbill.


This beautiful wading bird is one you can’t miss! It’s bright pink plumage and unique spoon shape bill make it one of the most unique creatures in our area. This creature has distinct, white feathers on its upper neck and back, and their wings and tail contain their striking pink pigmentation. Young Roseate Spoonbills will not be quite as bright as adult birds and will gradually brighten as they mature.


These beautiful birds can reach a height of 2.5 feet (80 cm) and can have a wingspan of up to 4 feet! Roseate spoonbills love our local mangrove islands, and mud flats for feeding—keep an eye out for pops of pink in the swampy mangrove landscape.


Listen for a distinct low, guttural sound when you spot a Roseate spoonbill—you can’t miss it!


Your best chances of spotting a Roseate spoonbill is in the morning or early evening as they feed on small crustaceans, insects and plants in the saltwater wetlands. Fun fact: the crustaceans gobbled up by these birds help give them their pink coloring! Watch as these creatures forage as they wade in muddy, shallow water. They sweep their bills from side to side with their mouths slightly open as they locate their prey with their bill.


It truly is a treat to spot these unique creatures. “Gorgeous at a distance and bizarre up close,” our guests are always amazed to catch a glimpse of these brightly colored avian animals!


Hop aboard any of our tours, including our sunset cruises and kayak tours for the opportunity to potentially sight these unique and beautiful creatures!