When is the best time to visit Florida?

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Floridian Winter Wonderland

After the excitement of the holiday season ends, and the bone chilling cold of winter sets in, many northerners begin to look south, and where else better to look than The Sunshine State. With winter temperatures averaging around 75 degrees in the middle of the season it is no wonder that it is our busiest season for visitors and tourists. Though the warm weather is obviously the highlight of our Florida winters, there are many other amazing advantages to visit Florida, and more specifically Fort Myers Beach during the high season.

The dry season is in full effect during wintertime in southwest Florida. Taking a break from the beach and heading out to the Florida Everglades during this time of year is truly an amazing experience. The dry season is a time in which water levels are low and as a result, more wildlife is out and about. Use this opportunity to catch a glimpse of rare birds, endangered species and of course Florida alligators. For an amazing guided tour through the glades, we recommend our sister company Everglades Adventures.

Stepping off the sand and into a charter is another great activity for winter fun. Cast out during one of the best times of the year to fish in southwest Florida. The Gulf of Mexico and its surrounding waters are teaming with red fish, spotted sea trout and many other fish, all in-season. Hop aboard one of our fishing charters and enjoy time together with your friends and family. There is always the chance to spot dolphins or manatees during your charter, so keep your eyes peeled!

There is never a bad time to visit Florida and the fall months of October and November have some terrific weather too. There are less activities available but you always have the beach!

Regardless of what you choose to do on your trip to Florida, if you decide to visit during the winter, you are sure to experience the best weather in the country as well as some of the best outdoor activities available. Skip the salt on the sidewalks, and enjoy it with your margarita instead.