Dolphin & Shelling at Sunset Cruise Fort Myers Beach

Dolphin Guaranteed on the 3 hour tours! This 3 hour cruise combines our most popular trips into one. Dolphins, shelling, and sunset from Fort Myers Beach in one cruise! You will join our Marine Biologist....continue reading

Marine Life Safaris

This charter is guided by our Certified Master naturalist, is a fantastic way to see lots of wildlife without sharing the boat, and customized for you. Combine dolphin and wildlife viewing, and shelling. Reservations required.....continue reading

Sunset Dolphin Cruise Fort Myers Beach

Have you seen the Green Flash?? Learn about what that phenomena is and maybe even catch a rare sight of one on our sunset cruise! Join our Certified Florida Master guide for a 90 minute....continue reading

Afternoon Dolphin Wildlife Fort Myers Beach Tours

Want to learn about what makes Fort Myers Beach dolphin unique? Cruise out with our Certified Florida Master Naturalist guide to discover why and enjoy this scenic 90 minute cruise in pursuit of dolphins, manatees, birds,....continue reading

Coastal Sealife, Shelling & Dolphin Cruise Fort Myers Beach

Dolphin Guaranteed on the 3 hour tours! Curious about where shells come from and why we have so many on our beaches? Learn about shells and also observe our resident Fort Myers Beach dolphin to discover....continue reading