There are many different ways of Exploring the Gulf of Mexico and Fort Myers Beach

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Fun information about The Gulf of Mexico


The Gulf is our playground, our workplace and our backyard. From sunrise to sunset, we are offered the pleasure to educate and provide guests with unique, one of a kind experiences in a beautiful area—Fort Myers Beach, FL. Our tours and charters cruise throughout the back bays of Estero Bay and venture to the edge of The Gulf of Mexico, the ninth largest body of water in the world. Though we can’t provide you with a tour of all 600,000 square miles, we are more than happy to highlight a few interesting and eye-opening facts about this immense body of water, home to a number of habitats and ecosystems.


The Gulf is bordered by five US states on its northern end, five Mexican states on the west and Cuba in the southeast. Its total coastline is 3, 540 miles—wow! Most of her waters are rather shallow, but in certain area can reach approx.. 14,000 feet and Amerigo Vespucci first explored the gulf in 1497.


In relation to wildlife, the Gulf of Mexico is a powerhouse of collectively functioning ecosystems. 31 estuarine watersheds attract a number of mammals, birds, reptiles and more. To date, 29 marine mammal species (mainly dolphins/whales) can be found in her waters along with 5 species of threatened/endangered sea turtles and 49 unique shark species. Sargassum seaweed floats atop her waves and allows for shelter for a variety of animals like sea horses, tuna and billfish. Coral reefs flourish in the Gulf because of her warm temperatures, nutrients and moderate wave action.


Interestingly, there are a number of historical shipwrecks in the Gulf, numbering over 750 wrecks. Those seeking another kind of treasure, the kind you catch on a hook, flock to the Gulf of Mexico for some of the world’s best recreational fishing–over 24.1 million trips last year, were you one of those travelers?


At Good Time Charters, we provide the most compressive tour of our little corner of the Gulf of Mexico. Allow our experienced guides to take you into every locally known nook and cranny to show you the best of what Fort Myers Beach has to offer.  From dolphins to manatees, from snook to redfish, our guides always provide a fun and educational tour of our beloved backyard—come along with us for the most comprehensive tour of our little slice of Southwest Florida paradise.