Sport Fishing in Fort Myers Beach

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Sport Fishing in Fort Myers Beach

Other than shells and sunshine, the beaches and waters surrounding Southwest Florida and Fort Myers are known for one more thing… fishing. Our area is home to some of the best sport fishing opportunities in not just the country, but in the world! The Gulf of Mexico is teeming with fish that are just waiting to be hooked. Join us, or our friends at Paradise Charters, for a fishing charter experience you won’t forget!

The following are some examples of sport fish in our area. There are too many to list but here are some of the local favorites.

Redfish, also known as the Red Drum, are one of Florida’s (and Fort Myers’) most popular sport fish. The Red Drum are named after the “drumming” sound they make while spawning and when taken out of the water. Young red fish settle down in rivers, bays, canals, tidal creeks, and passes in estuaries for four years until they move nearshore or to open waters as an adult.


Next, Cobia. Cobia are some of the strongest fighters in the Gulf, but the fight is well worth the tasty meal you’ll get to enjoy after you reel one in! Regulations are quite strict on these so we often do catch and release for them. Sometimes mistaken for a small shark, these fish do prefer the open sea but can be found quite commonly around pilings, buoys and in the passes.


On to the elusive Snook. With enough patience, and a touch of luck, you might get the chance to reel in one of the most popular and desirable fish in our area. The common Snook can generally be found on open beaches or in tangles of mangroves in tidal creeks. Keep an eye out for their distinctive stripe that runs the length of their bodies. Snook do not thrive in cold temperatures, your chances of hooking up to one during the winter lower than in the summer time.


Ahhh, Tarpon. When you are cruising the waters with us around Fort Myers Beach, you are in fact exploring the waters that made Tarpon fishing a true sport. You’ll know you’ve hooked a Tarpon if you experience the fight of your life when it comes to reeling ‘em in. Also, keep your eyes on the surface of the water. Tarpon tend to “roll”, which occurs when the fish comes to the surface to gulp air and remove oxygen by means of lung-like tissue near their swim bladder.


We fish the back waters and near shore reefs for redfish, trout, snapper, small shark and many other species. Join us on the water for a private fishing charter and let us help you hook up to a fish of a lifetime!