Shelling has been a favorite activity at any age in the Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island area

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Shelling on Fort Myers Beach

Two of our most popular tours include one of our guest’s favorite activities… shelling near Fort Myers Beach! Yes, you’ve heard of our legendary shelling beaches and now is your chance to get up close and personal with the entire shelling experience! Hop on our Coastal sea life, shelling and dolphin cruise, a marine life safari or our Dolphin and shelling at sunset cruise to peruse the beaches of a shelling barrier island to find a one-of-a-kind souvenir hand crafted by nature.


The beaches of Southwest Florida are known around the world for the beautiful shells that wash ashore and lay in the surf for those willing to scour the sands for them…


At Good Time Charters, we want to provide you with a quick background on the most desired shells on Fort Myers Beach before you arrive so you can keep an eye out for a few of these natural rarities during your time spent with us.


First up, angel wings. Also, known as pholadidae, are a family of bivalve mollusks similar to a clam. These white shells resemble, you guessed it, a white angel wing. Keep an eye for an intact pair, they are quite rare! Next, a shell with a silly name, Turkey Wings. Turkey Wings are also bivalve mollusks and when alive they attach themselves to rocks or other hard surfaces in shallow water. Turkey Wings look like Angel wings but are distinguished by their brown lines and stripes. Next, keep an eye out for the cone-like Auger. These shells are in fact gastropods and house a creature, when alive, inside of its drill bit like shell. Remember, never keep a shell that is alive!


A big beauty is next, the Atlantic Giant Cockle. The Atlantic Giant Cockle is the seaside home of the large saltwater clam. It’s spoon like shape and orange-brown coloring and large size make this shell highly desired by collectors.


The fan favorite, a fighting conch, is a highly desired collectors shell. Large and strikingly beautiful, the conch shell, when alive is occupied by a strange looking gastropod. Finding a large, full sized conch is a prize worth searching for.


Finally, we would like to mention the Junonia. World-renowned for being the most highly-desired shell in the area, you will be considered extremely lucky to discover this brown and white cone shaped beauty.


Skip the t-shirt shop and come home with a one-of-a-kind souvenir that you can enjoy for years to come! Hop aboard our shelling cruises that will lead you into a world of natural wonder. On our Fort Myers Beach shelling cruises, advantage of access to a beautiful barrier island where you will gain exclusive access to shells only accessible by boat. If you’re looking for a VIP Fort Myers Beach shelling experience, and a good time, you’ve found the right tour with us.