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A couple weeks ago, I was chatting with Capt Mike about his fishing charters Fort Myers Beach and he used the name “Combat Fishing” to describe them. This is the first I have heard him use this name so I was really curious what he meant. He continues to describe his charters as hooks flying, fish flying everywhere, releasing fish, baiting hooks with shrimp hanging out of his mouth at the ready, grabbing the net, snapping photos, and trying to keep everyone’s lines wet. If you know Mike he can be quite animated when he talks and the Italian in him talks with his hands, so he can be quite entertaining to watch and listen to. As he is telling me about his recent charters, I’m looking at him and I realize he is not exaggerating, as he is covered in fish guts on his shirt, scales stuck at random locations on his face, cuts on his hands, and there is a small remora fish stuck to the back of his leg. Our fishing charters have been booked up this entire month and overall it has been great. This past week of fishing has been a little tough with all the rain and river water in the area but we are still getting spotted sea trout, small shark, and red fish. I attached some pics from recent charters of some of Capt Mike’s fishing regulars.