Fort Myers Beach dolphin cruise and fishing charter

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We love the holidays and love doing the Holiday Boat Parade every year. Every year, we close for the day, and the crew gets together and decks the dolphin tour boat out with lights and decorations. Capts Dwight and Mike, with the help of friends and family, light the boat up from bow to stern. Capt Cristina makes yummy foods and stocks the coolers. Capt Joe is in tight with Santa, so he makes sure Santa comes along. What a team! We usually win some sort of award every year, Best Illuminated, Best in Spirit, etc. but this year we won Best in Show!! What a great time! It was really magical to see all the boats lit up, and all the spectators lining the shoreline cheering.  After the parade, on the way back to Snook Bight Marina Fort Myers beach, we even had a couple dolphins following us and jumping in our wake as if they were congratulating us on our award. What a fantastic night. We have more pictures posted on our facebook page.