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We are definitely warming up here in

Dolphin Tour Fort Myers Beach

Southwest Florida, with highs supposed to reach 80 degrees by the weekend! Capt Mike reported a great day of fishing on the water today catching, snapper, pompano, black tip shark, and mackeral. Thats a great sign of lots of bait fish around. Capt Joe had a Loop charter yesterday with some return customers and said they saw lots of dolphin, and had a great afternoon on the water. Capt Cristina did a kayak tour in the afternoon and saw lots of night herons, anhingas, and one lone manatee! Also on her recent coastal shelling and dolphin cruise they saw lots of dolphins feeding, they weren’t as playful as usual but still swam right next to the boat, and found lots of shells at the shell island. The photo here was taken by Cristina during a rcent tour where 6 resident dolphin, including Notch, were swimming alongside the boat We look forward to our trips for the rest of the week and the beautiful weather to come here at Fort Myers Beach.