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marine-life4.jpgmarine-life5.jpgHad a wonderful Marine Life Explorer’s charter with Monika Wilson and her family! What a delight they were to have out with us. We saw manatees and dolphins and the day was just gorgeous. We stopped at a grass flat along the way, I was hoping to catch them a seahorse but I couldn’t find any! I usually have a great success rate, however we did find lots of other marine life like flatfish, pipefish, spider crab, and sea hares. The water clarity was great at the beach we went to so they used the masks and snorkels to find lots of beautiful seashells. The current was a bit strong and made swimming a bit challenging. Mr Wilson and one of his daughters took off on the kayak to explore the nearby mangrove trails. The morning went by so quickly. What a great way to start the day! Mrs. Wilson provided some pictures of the charter with the crew.