Dolphin Tours Fort Myers Beach

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We are seeing some seasonal changes with our wildlife around Fort Myers Beach! The pelicans are getting their breeding plumage, Osprey chicks are hatching, the manatees are back, Cristina spotted a sea turtle on a recent tour, and Capt Mike has reported lots of baitfish and small shark in the passes. The weather has been amazing too with Lots of warm sunshine. Here are a couple of pics from a recent marine Life Explorer’s Charter. We saw lots of dolphin on that charter, and they didn’t do any of their usual jumps and chase our boat because they were too interested in each other! We were lucky enough to spy on a whole resident pod mating, and some were feeding on a school of mullet. In the same area that activity was going on we also saw a manatee. What a site. The kids found all kinds of shells and had a great time finding all sorts of sea life, including a really cool lined sea star. This charter was great fun went by too fast.