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What an amazing week this has turned out to be here at Fort Myers Beach. It started out cold and gloomy, by our standards anyway, and we had to cancel a lot of tours. Gosh, I hate to disappoint people but it really was not good boating weather. But, WOW! has it transformed into a beautiful week in Paradise! Sunny, warm, in the 80’s by afternoon, and the water has been glass calm. Spotted a couple manatee yesterday on our morning Coastal Sealife Dolphin and Sealife cruise! What a treat as many of them have been hiding out in the rivers and creeks, but I know manatees love to eat so i knew they would need to come out to feed sooner or later. What a beautiful morning it was too, and dolphins galore. Saw a bottlenosed dolphin I call  Blackbeard yesterday morning on that trip as well! The dolphins were soo playful that morning too, swimming along side of us, jumping and frolicking near the boat. What a sight and I can’t believe we actually had two families not show for the tour that morning. Boy, did they sure miss out! It was another one of those magical mornings for me and hopefully our passengers enjoyed it as much as we did. I had some awesome passengers on board, all ages too, and we all got a long like one happy family out on the water together. We saw so many dolphins, manatees, and even a sea turtle popped up a couple times next to the boat to sneak a quick breath and peek at us. The fishing has picked up as well and Capt Mike has reported the bite is back on! He came back from a charter yesterday with slot reds, and some big sheepies. Well, gotta run and get ready for the morning’s adventures!