Are there sharks in Fort Myers beach?

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Are there sharks near Fort Myers beach?


I’m sure that you’ve heard quite a bit about sharks in the past few weeks on television! This is one of the most fascinating marine species that we see in our waters. Contrary to most conversations, they are not the terror of the seas, but merely one more step in the food chain that is necessary to keep our ecosystem in check.


Who is not fascinated by sharks? We view them and catch them while fishing and enjoy their fascinating life patterns and legends. But what kinds of sharks can be found in our waters?  Typically we find the most docile smaller varieties in our shallow Gulf of Mexico, though as you enter deeper water, larger varieties can be found. Though it is natural to be afraid of these predators, we must understand humans are not a shark’s favorite meal. When sharks notice that humans are around, they generally swim away and give us a wide berth.


Southwest Florida is home to a many varieties of sharks, such as bonnethead  or Nurse sharks, both of which pose no real threat to humans.  Their usual prey is smaller fish, spiny lobster, crabs, mollusks and octopi. In the case of the Nurse Shark, they rarely come to the top, preferring the bottoms where they move at a slower pace.


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