Everyone can enjoy fishing Florida waters all year around in Fort Myers Beach

Fishing Days and Fun Rays   July brings longer, hotter days to Southwest Florida, but it also brings the fish! What better day could be had to celebrate with Dad, or hang with the usual....continue reading

Birders from far and wide visit south Florida because of our bird diversity

Amazing Anhingas The Anhinga is one of my favorite birds.   One of the most amazing birds that you will ever encounter on one of our tours is the Anhinga. This bird has a few....continue reading

Florida Fish and Wildlife Announces Seasonal Close of Snook Harvest

Here’s the latest message about the season for harvesting Snook in Gulf and adjacent waters: “Snook will close to all harvest in Gulf state, federal and inland waters, including all of Monroe County and Everglades....continue reading

May is a great time to visit Fort Myers Beach!

May brings life to the shores of Fort Myers Beach, Florida and there is no better way to experience all the excitement than on an adventure with Good Time Charters.  The beaches begin to brighten....continue reading

We have been seeing more and more manatees on our dolphin wildlife cruises and charters near Fort Myers beach!

Manatees, the Gentle Sea Cow When you book your tour with us, you know you are in good hands. You will be in the company of the best water guides in our area!  The vast....continue reading

Our Feathered Friend, The Brown Pelican

Whichever fantastic tour you take with us you will, no doubt, run into our wonderful friend the Pelican!  They are found everywhere you can go on our coastline and in no time, you become acquainted....continue reading

We Love our Guests!

This year is speeding by, faster than ever. We have been working non-stop since January to make sure all of our seasonal visitors can get out on the water and soak up all that Fort....continue reading

What’s the “porpoise” of a dolphin cruise?

Okay. It’s a corny joke. While the terms are often used synonymously, dolphins and porpoises are not the same species. Dolphins that show up in Gulf of Mexico shores and estuaries are Bottle­nose Dolphins. Porpoises are....continue reading

Fishing Frenzy on Fort Myers Beach

For sportsmen, newbies and the kid in all of us, there’s nothing like feeling the telltale tug on your fishing line and the anticipation of what would-be whopper could be on the other end. We....continue reading